The rating of the best electric scooters of 2021 has been compiled

You can quickly get to the store or get to work on an electric scooter. And just a ride on it will bring a lot of pleasant impressions. If you do not want to rent an electric vehicle, the easiest solution is to purchase your own. GSMinfo editors have collected the best electric scooters on the Ukrainian market.


MIDWAY Yamato 0809 PRO

An electric scooter can travel up to 35 km on a single charge. It is able to withstand a weight of up to 120 kg and overcome a rise of 15 °. And the maximum speed of 30 km / h will be more than enough to quickly get to, for example, a supermarket. Note that the speed limit in the city is 50 km/h, so it is very dangerous to accelerate on a scooter.

The diameter of the wheels of the model is small – 8 “, so it is better to drive on a flat road, otherwise you will feel all the potholes and unevenness of the surface.

The electric scooter is compact, so it can be loaded into the car and taken with you on trips. The battery is located in the scooter’s deck, protected according to the IP55 standard (that is, it is not afraid of even jets of water, not to mention rain). Thanks to fast charging, the full battery charging cycle takes no more than 6 hours. A power management system (BMS) is also provided: it provides protection against overdischarge and overheating.

If you wish, you can install the MIDWAY application on your smartphone (available in Google Play and AppStore): it synchronizes with the scooter via Bluetooth and allows you to see the battery charge level, set speed limits and lock the wheels (anti-theft system).


Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter Pro 2

A light electric scooter (14.2 kg) with a large range – it can travel up to 45 km on a single charge. True, such a result was achieved by the manufacturer under certain conditions: smooth road surface, speed no higher than 15 km / h, weight of the “pilot” 75 kg, and the air temperature did not drop below 25 ° C.

Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter Pro 2 can accelerate up to 25 km / h, climb 20 ° and withstand the weight of the user up to 100 kg. For safety purposes, a double braking system (and with ABS) is installed here. And the rear light in the model is larger than in the previous version, so that the scooter is better visible to other road users.

The information panel displays the speed, battery charge, and wheel lock status. All this data can also be viewed in the Mi Home application if you synchronize your scooter with your smartphone.

Ninebot KickScooter Max G30P

A real marathon runner among scooters. If we compare the regular KickScooter Max and this model, we will see that the manufacturer (Segway) strengthened the steering column, sealed the deck and installed a 15,000 mAh battery in the scooter, the charge of which is now enough for a distance of up to 65 km. If you believe the characteristics, the device charges in 6 hours, but users note that in real life the charge still lasts an hour longer.

The scooter accelerates up to 30 km / h, and due to the large 10-inch wheels, it “swallows” bumps well and is easy to control. By the way, the front wheel is tubeless to eliminate punctures, and the rear wheel is shock-absorbing: thus, the transmission of vibration to the body is reduced when driving on cobblestones and bad roads. There is also a special liquid layer in the tires that “patches” the wheel itself in case of small punctures.

The weight of the Ninebot KickScooter Max G30P is 19.5 kg, which is quite a lot. So, when riding, plan the route carefully so that you do not have to carry the scooter in your hands for a long time.

The model also supports its own application (for AppStore and Google Play), with which you can monitor speed, mileage, lock the wheels, and find out the battery charge level. The program is also a social network in which you can communicate with other users on scooters.

KUGOO M4 11 Ah

This scooter is very durable – it can withstand a load of up to 140 kg. Although the KUGOO M4 11 Ah itself is foldable, it is rather problematic to carry it with you, as it weighs 22 kg.

But it is comfortable to ride: the scooter can accelerate up to 40 km / h, and large 10″ wheels with pneumatic tires and a pair of shock absorbers with adjustable clearance ensure a good smoothness of movement. The battery capacity is enough for 30-35 km of road, and a full charging cycle takes about 6-7 hours. Also, for the convenience of the user, the set includes a seat: it is easy to install on your own.

The scooter is equipped with an alarm system – 2 key fobs are included. The alarm allows you not only to lock / unlock the vehicle, but also to turn on the lights or the sound signal in case you lose the vehicle in the parking lot.


A city electric scooter with a small ground clearance (11 cm) is well suited for trips on flat roads. Of course, it is also capable of low climbs: a 15 ° rise will not cause problems, but we do not recommend driving along forest paths. But small bumps in the road surface are easily leveled by 10-inch wheels. At the same time, the scooter can support a user weighing up to 140 kg.

The maximum declared speed is 30 km / h, and the range is approximately 40 km with a fully charged battery. The deck in which the battery is located is protected against dust and water according to the IP55 standard.

The scooter is easily folded and placed in the trunk of a car, but it is inconvenient to carry it by hand – the weight of the MIDWAY i-Max is 21 kg. So charge the battery before the trip, calculate the route and look at the mileage: a convenient odometer is available in the MIDWAY mobile application.


But this is already a real SUV among scooters: KUGOO M5 is equipped with huge 11-inch wheels, the ground clearance is 15 cm, and the tires have a large tread. Brakes (both rear and front) are disc, which ensures clear operation of the braking system regardless of weather conditions. Shock absorbers are also responsible for the softness of the ride: four springs are installed in the front and two in the back. If you wish, you can also put a seat, which is immediately included with the device.

The engine power is 1000 W, which is twice as much as most competitors. Such an engine is capable of “pulling” the hill, and going through the dirt, and even providing a maximum speed of the scooter of 50 km / h. By the way, it starts with the key, like a motorcycle. We should also note the optics: there are three powerful lights in front, so the path will be perfectly visible even in complete darkness.

It will take 9 hours to fully charge the 21 Ah battery, but the battery is able to provide the scooter with a range of up to 60 km. A voltmeter installed on the steering wheel will help monitor the charge level.

At the same time, KUGOO M5 can withstand a load of up to 150 kg, so you can ride it even with a hiking backpack. True, if the battery runs out, it will be difficult to roll the scooter, as it weighs as much as 31.5 kg.

Joyor G1

Tire punctures in scooters are a fairly common phenomenon. If you do not want to deal with such problems, pay attention to the Joyor G1 with cast perforated tires – they are not afraid of punctures. True, the size of the wheels in the model is not the largest and is 8.5 “. However, the smoothness of the ride is still decent due to shock absorbers: front hydraulic and rear spring shock absorbers are installed.

A battery with a capacity of 13 Ah is enough for a 50 km journey. And the motor with a power of 450 W is able to accelerate the scooter up to 45 km / h – more than enough for trips in the city. Disc brakes are installed in the front, and drum brakes in the back.

There is a delayed start function – in this case, the scooter will start moving only if you first push it away with your foot. Such a system allows you to exclude the start in case of accidental pressing of the gas lever.

DIGMA Allroad Max

DIGMA Allroad Max has large wheels with a diameter of 10 “, which allows you to comfortably control the scooter and smooth out small bumps in the road. However, the main advantage of this model is good autonomy. The battery with a capacity of 15 Ah, taking into account the weight of the scooter of 17.5 kg and the declared permissible load of up to 100 kg, provides a charge to cover approximately 50 km of the journey. So you can safely ride without recharging for several days, if you do not drive far.

The engine power is 250 W, and the maximum speed is 25 km / h. The model lacks only a Bluetooth module for synchronization with a smartphone and shock absorbers: with them, the use of the scooter would be even more comfortable.