CASIO Mudmaster GWG-2000-1A3

From the same series as the previous model. CASIO Mudmaster GWG-2000-1A3 differ only in the shade of the case and strap. The choice of color and design of the accessory is a matter of taste. Note that reading the time and other indicators is easier on a contrast case. In combat conditions, it is better to abandon bright inserts and straps for reasons of disguise.


Much thinner and lighter than the Mudmaster GWG2000 line. The case diameter is 51.2 mm, the thickness is 17.4 mm, and the weight is 72 g. The case is made of a combined material, with a water resistance of 200 m. The dial is protected by a mineral glass. It withstands scratches well, but over time it can darken or turn yellow in the sun.

Of the features, we can distinguish the presence of time in 4 world zones and a chronograph. The rest is the standard functions of a tactical watch. The backlight is LED, bright enough, activated by pressing the button or raising the brush. Frequent use of the backlight can drain the battery faster. In the standard operating mode, it will last about 7 years. CASIO GD-120CM-5ER is an inexpensive option that has all the necessary features for the field.


Among all the CASIO G-Shock models, this one stands out with a more restrained sporty design. The purpose of the device is emphasized by the camouflage dial, but the design of the body of the gadget practically does not differ from everyday models. Dimensions are convenient for a medium or large male hand: diameter – 55 mm, case thickness – only 14 mm.

The case is made of polymer material, water resistance is 200 m. The dial is protected by mineral glass. It tolerates scratches worse than sapphire, but it is more resistant to impacts. Mineral glass is suitable for extreme conditions, although it can fade in the scorching sun.

They are highly accurate: the error does not exceed 15 seconds per month. Of the additional functions, world time is provided with 29 time zones (48 cities). To control the time, a stopwatch with an accuracy of 1/1000 and a timer with auto-repeat are built-in. Approximate battery life is 10 years.

CASIO GA-100CF-1A9ER can be called the best universal watch for the military: it is suitable for both service and everyday life. There are no newfangled technologies here, but shock protection, camouflage colors and the presence of the most necessary functions make the model popular among inexpensive military watches.


One of the few military watches for women. The case diameter is 46 mm, the thickness is 12.7 mm. Despite the rather large case, they are light, weighing only 48 g. In addition, every detail is thought out here: a streamlined shape, an adjustable strap, and comfortable dimensions. Suitable for girls even with a thin brush.

CASIO GMD-S6900CF-3ER boasts all the necessary characteristics of military devices – perfect shock resistance, 200 m water resistance, multifunctionality. The mechanism is quartz, battery operated (service life – up to 5 years). For ideal characteristics, the device lacks only sapphire crystal, a more modest mineral glass is installed here.

The combination of comfort, reliability and performance makes it the best tactical watch for women.


Released together with the Mudmaster line and actually became its more modest version, and at a price three times cheaper. It was possible to reduce the cost due to a smaller battery with a service life of up to 2 years, there is no recharging from sunlight. The mineral crystal does an excellent job of protecting the dial from cracks and impacts, although it is inferior to the Mudmaster’s sapphire crystal in terms of durability and scratch resistance. But in a more budgetary version, a dual touch sensor “digital compass + thermometer” is built-in, a combined super-bright backlight and water resistance of 200 m is ensured. In terms of dimensions, this model is more accurate than Mudmaster – diameter is 52 mm, thickness is 16.6 mm, so this watch is better suited for a medium or thin hand .

Attracts attention and thematic design. The case of CASIO GA-1100SC-3AER is decorated in camouflage color, but it has not done without bright accents familiar to G-Shock: a combined strap with a red inner lining. This is the best military watch for men who prefer practical and at the same time original things.

Garmin Instinkt Solar Tactical Edition Moss (010-02293-04)

Military adaptation of the base sports Garmin Instinct Solar. The first thing that the developers added was improved strength indicators. The gadget is not afraid of dust, dirt, scratches or shocks, water resistance is 100 m. This practically did not affect the weight – the tactical version is only 5 g heavier than the sports one.

They can boast a fairly accurate location. To do this, the device receives data from three satellite systems at once: GPS, Glonass, Galileo. Refine the received data compass, barometer and altimeter. For a complete set, only an accelerometer is missing, so at a high speed of movement, positioning may temporarily go astray.

When creating tactical watches, Garmin focused on improving the readability of the screen in extreme conditions. The contrast MIP display and the familiar bluish backlight make using a smart device convenient, regardless of the visibility parameters and the harshness of the sun’s rays. The result of additional development was the ability to synchronize the display with night vision devices.

An interesting detail is the update of sports modes. Built-in more than 30 training scenarios, including skydiving, calculation of cardio load when shooting.

The battery holds one charge up to 54 days, which can be considered an excellent indicator for a smart watch. To prevent the gadget from being discharged at the wrong time, Garmin has provided the Solar function – recharging from the sun’s rays.

The Garmin Instinkt Solar Tactical Edition Moss syncs with your iOS and Android smartphone via Bluetooth. The built-in memory for personal information is 16 GB. The only detail that is missing is an Internet connection: this model does not have 4G / 5G or Wi-Fi connectivity. If necessary, turn on the “invisible” mode – the termination of any data transfer: this way the gadget cannot be tracked.