A news site is an Internet portal that publishes informational content related to high-profile events. Creating a news site involves designing a reliable and user-friendly web application that can withstand a large influx of visitors.
Therefore, if your goal is to make a popular information site, you need a developer with experience in highload projects.
We make high-traffic sites of various types with intuitive navigation, a multifunctional content management system and flexible monetization modules.

Types of news sites

Regional mass media

City and regional portals highlight events from the life of local communities: from local business news and reference information, from communal services to cultural and political agenda. It is important to optimize such sites for local search queries.

International news portal

International news portals produce content in several languages ​​and support a multilingual interface. Such sites are designed for high traffic and high load. To ensure the stable operation of international portals, we apply a number of architectural and technological solutions, such as CDN and caching.

Aggregator for mass media

Aggregators automatically collect and publish announcements or full materials from a list of selected media. The main advantage of an aggregator is that you won’t need to contain the newsroom that produces the content. Technically, aggregation can be done using an API, RSS feeds, or parsing.

State news portal

The task of state portals is to inform citizens about new decrees, acts, internal changes in the management structure of this or that institution. Institutions of all levels – from ministries to local administrations – should have their own portal.

General news site

The news site of general topics publishes materials of high-profile events that take place in the country and on the international arena. Such sites are designed for the widest possible audience and, as a rule, do not have a specific geographic or other reference.

Thematic news resource

Thematic portals are usually dedicated to a specific industry, sport, hobby or branch of science. Launching a niche site is an excellent way to show your expertise in a specific field and to form the core of a loyal audience due to the depth of disclosure of the topic and the quality of publications.

Support for high traffic

News portals are aimed at a wide audience. Therefore, the most important thing for Internet applications of this type is the ability to work quickly and without errors with high traffic. Ways to ensure the stability of the highload project:

  • Designing scalable architecture.
  • Server load balancing, CDN.
  • Caching of graphics and other static elements.
  • Optimized functional modules (e.g. Elasticsearch)

Selection of relevant content

One of the main metrics of information sites is the duration of a user’s session. It conveys how interested visitors are in the content on your site. What you need to adjust to increase reader engagement:

  • Intelligent display of current articles by categories or tags.
  • Personal recommendations excluding already viewed posts.

Important news

Important and popular news should be separated into a separate block with the help of competent UX design. Example:

  • Block on the main page with large images.
  • Sidebar with high-profile events, fixed on all pages of the site.

Advertising module

News sites typically use an advertising model of monetization. A user-friendly interface is required to manage a large number of banners. To do this, we connect a module to the admin panel that allows:

  • Adjust the format, place and time of display.
  • Prepare an advertising queue to avoid downtime.
  • Automate and configure other advertising processes.

Development of a website for mass media: stages


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Let’s get to know your idea. We study the niche, formulate business tasks that are solved by the Internet project, and create user cases. The final functionality of the news site is built based on the specifics of your topic, the chosen method of monetization and predicted traffic.


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We collect, clarify and formulate functional requirements. We break them down into technical tasks. We prescribe the development process and goals in the TOR. We decide on the payment method and sign the contract.


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The development and creation of an interactive prototype provides an opportunity to visually demonstrate to the customer how the news site will look, as well as to conduct the first tests intended for the user. At this stage, changes can be made to the project with relatively little cost.


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A modern web application consists of two parts: frontend and backend. We have programmers specializing in each of these areas. Our designers and front-end developers bring the designed interface to life. Backend developers write the code for the server.


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There are two main goals at the testing stage. The first is to make sure that the resulting product meets the technical tasks and industry standards. The second is to ensure that the user receives a high-quality and smoothly functioning application. For news projects, we always conduct stress tests to check how the site can withstand high loads.


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We transfer your site to permanent hosting. We carry out all settings and train your employees to use the administrative panel and content management system. We measure the metrics fixed in the contract in real conditions.