Overview of electric scooters

Ninebot Segway Air T15

A premium, lightweight e-scooter from Ninebot Segway
Best for: Compact design Maximum speed: 20 km/h. Range: 12 km. Weight: 10.5 kg.
Reasons to buy
+ Easy to carry and store + Low maintenance + Loads of cool features + Great app
Reasons to avoid
-Relatively slow-Limited stock-Small wheels TODAY’S BEST DEALS $1047 View on Catch.com.au $1079 View on Dick Smith $1079 View on Catch.com.au
The Ninebot Segway Air T15 certainly looks the business, but it’s smaller, slower and lacks the range of similarly priced competitors. For those who want to easily fit it in the boot of a car or take it on public transport, it’s absolutely perfect and provides a perfectly acceptable ride if the surfaces are smooth and you don’t have too many steep hills to contend with.

The lightweight body, diminutive package and smart storage solution mean there’s a trade-off in performance, but the Ninebot Segway Air T15 packs the essentials with smart extras and a stylish smartphone app. Choosing between this and its many competitors will depend on the type of use it is intended for and whether you really need this futuristic design.

Razor power A2

The best cheap, lightweight electric scooter
Best for: Price and weight Top speed: 16 km/h 10 km/h Range: 12 km Weight: 6.46 kg
Reasons to buy
+ Light + Affordable + Reliable brand + Compact
Reasons to avoid
-Low Speed ​​-Low Load Capacity -Low Range TODAY’S BEST DEALS Check Amazon
With its folding mechanism and detachable handlebar stem, the Razor Power A2 is one of the most compact, light and portable electric scooters available today.

Despite its diminutive size, the A2 has a top speed of 16 mph (16 km/h) thanks to its high-performance motor and 22-volt lithium-ion battery, and a battery life of 40 minutes of continuous use (about 7.5 miles).

The total weight of the scooter is only 6.46 kg, and when assembled, it makes it an ideal tool for commuting.

Xiaomi Mi Pro 2

One of the most popular electronic scooters
Best for: Range-topper from Xiaomi Top speed: 15.5 mph / 25 km/h Range: 27 miles / 45 km Weight: 14.2 kg / 31 lbs
Reasons to buy
+ Popular brand + Long range + Torque + Advanced battery saving features
Reasons to avoid
-Not the most attractive-Small wheels BEST TIMES TODAY $799 Dick Smith View $859 View on Catch.com.au $889 View on Kogan.com
The previous version of the Xiaomi Mi Pro 2 is probably the most common scooter you’ll see on the streets, it was inexpensive and a great all-rounder, so you can expect a lot from this updated model.

You have a top speed of 15 mph, which is pretty standard for electric scooters, a range of 27 miles and a weight of 14.2 kg. This is a well made item.

Compared to the previous version, it has a more powerful 600W motor, improved lights and a new generation of 8.5-inch pneumatic tires.

Apart from the impressive hardware, the Xiaomi Xiaomi Mi Pro 2 Electric Scooter also has the best app connectivity we’ve seen.

Ninebot Segway E25E

A free folding e-scooter in a well-presented package
Best for: Trusted Brand Max. Speed: 25 km/h. Range: 25.5 km/h Weight: 14.3 kg / 29.8 lbs
Reasons to buy
+ Ambient lighting + Trusted brand + Latest update + External battery compatible
Reasons to avoid
-Can be difficult to fold -High center of gravity can feel weird TODAY’S BEST DEALS $799 View on Amazon
Built by renowned electric mobility brand Segway, the Ninebot Segway E25E is one of the more successful entries on this list. The E25E is another great all-rounder. Its 300W motor helps it achieve a very reasonable 15.5 mph (it’s usually limited by law) and a very respectable 15.5 mile range. If that’s not enough, you have the option of adding an external battery for even more range.

It’s also well presented, with a sturdy and comfortable footrest, bump-absorbing dual-density wheels and a neat one-click folding design that means it doesn’t take up too much space.

The thumb throttle controls your speed, and there are three ways to stop: let off the throttle using the electric front brake, or step on the wing brake to slow things down really quickly.

It’s a multi-functional scooter with an advanced smartphone app that lets you customize every aspect of your ride, view ride metrics, and check the vehicle’s health. You also get cruise control, all-round active lighting, independent front and rear suspension, IP54 water resistance and a crisp LCD display.