Two Major Benefits of Using Anandamide

There are many things in our body, which we keep learning from time to time and get surprised. It is like a mystery bag that keeps disclosing one special secret day by day. Today also we will get to know one such secret about Anandamide at . We will discuss many more things about it through some points.

What is Anandamide

Our body is a source of many internal reactions and secretion of many enzymes and hormones. Other than these, many other liquids or better say compounds are also released by our body sometimes, which shows some varied effects on our health. Anandamide is one of those chemicals, which our body releases.

It Is also called the bliss Molecule or the molecule of joy. With the words ‘Joy’ and ‘Bliss’ in its name, it’s very clear that these molecules are not harmful to our bodies. It can also be used to treat many complexions in our bodies. We will know more about it in the following points.

Fear reduction

When we talk about fear, many people think about the most haunted day or moment of their lives. This is a very common behavior of human beings and other animals. We all have some sort of fear in our life. Some people fear the lizard, some with cockroaches, many with going in dark,  other in sleeping alone, and many others also have some reasons just like above.

Fearing with some object, thing or situation is not very strange and harmful, however, the level of fearing with something is really worth caring. In one recent report, it has been published that anandamide helps people to overcome their fear. Thus with the help of Anandamide, people can face, even the worst situation of their lives, in a very courageous way.

Promotes running

There are many types of exercises which we can choose to do as per our convenience and need. These exercises not just keep our body fit and healthy but also let us interact with many new people. That is the reason many people want to do some sort of exercise as per their comfort.

According to one study, it has been found that most people want to choose the option of running and swimming if got any option to choose. That is a good thing too as in one research it has been found that running at least 30 minutes per day, makes our brain release more Anandamide. We all know that more secretion of Anandamide means more health benefits. Due to this reason, many people want to go for running per day. It gives them two benefits, one by just running in the form of exercise and second with the release of Anadanamide.


Just like these two, there are many more cases in which, anandamide can prove really very helpful.




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