Money of the Kings

What happens to be Gold? From where made it happen get its name? Why is Gold considered so auspicious? These are some of the questions which people would wonder about. However every couple of us give much endurance to it. We Indians follow one easy principle “Eat it, how 2020 moonrock pre roll, when and why is not our business”. Anyway after intense studies and research I could come actually find some answers to such questions which drift in the sea in our intellects.

The first question — what is Gold? Well scientifically in order to mention in chemical terms ‘Gold is a chemical element with the symbol Au. Its atomic number is 79’. However the scientific version of Gold is not explicitly accepted by the commoners as half of them will hardly know very well what is the symbol used for and the atomic number. For freshies in understanding the truth value of gold, let me give you a very simple definition: Gold is associated with Gods so because of this in older times where viewed as the excrement of Gods. However Gold is considered to be invincible. It is a symbol of chastity in spiritual aspects. Gold never tarnishes so because of this it enhances the spiritual development and the complete realm of understanding of an individual. It is said to produce positive energy which helps in the overall development not only in a regards but also in an identity. It also possess healing properties that assist in the is purified of the physical body. A perfect yellow metal which have the color of sun so because of this help to be active, to mobilize and to grow the built-in potential of the self.

The second question which generally hunts our mind is — Where did this silver come from? Well as said before in the first part that — Gold was viewed as the excrement of God. But now we know it is actually not so. Gold comes from the undesireable veins and alluvial deposits. It is through the process of mining and panning. Taking out gold from deep inside the earth is not an easy task. This yellow metal is also retrieved from its ores by cyaniding, amalgamating and smelting processes. South Photography equipment is considered to be contributing around two — thirds of the world’s gold out put.

Why is Gold considered auspicious in The indian subcontinent? Well if we put this question it would be somewhat wrong as gold is all considered to be auspicious in a country and any faith. Gold is the symbol of wealth, it represents prosperity and is particularly durable. Gold in the metaphysical term is used to open the third eye and the the queen’s chakra. It produce positive vibes and attracts happiness and success. Gold is also asked attune the negative nature and characteristics of any person. Due to the healing properties of Gold, it helps in increasing an individual can power, helps in relaxing the mind and provide enjoyment alive. Gold is also reported to be promoting daring, confidence and willpower.

In simple judgement let me tell you Gold is also associated to the most effective planetary star ‘The Sun’ so because of this it has its color. It is this divinity link between the sun and the gold that makes yellow metal so holy and pure.

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