How to make A Video Game Review

It must sound fun for a lot of individuals to hear that a person can make a living out of making a video game review. However, what folks don’t realize is that making a game review is just as hard as any job out there. I started a blog thinking that I could make 1 game review a week, but I was wrong. Even if you only plan to create a review for casual games or even web browser games, it will still take sometime to create a quality review. The good news is, there are certain areas that you only have to focus your time on in order to make a reasonable review of the game. Here, I reveal to you my steps on how to make a video game review รวมข่าวเกมส์ฮิต.

Research About the Game — It is important to include in your review what type of game you are reviewing. It’s also useful to tell your readers when the game was released and on which platforms. Tell a little about the story or plot of the game but do not mess up the reader on important events.

Play the game — You have to get some hands on experience of the game. I recommend that you focus on the following areas

Gameplay — In this criteria you can say about how fun the game is, how difficult it is and what type of adversaries you’d encounter and even how many levels there are in the game. You can give some tips and tricks on what to play the game here. Useful to some readers are the number of hours you played the game, but I know don’t record my hours played. It’s also useful to tell the reader something about the unique features of a game such as if the game supports a day and night system, combining items to make new items, online mode, etc.
Graphics — Mention specifically how the game looks like. Is it second or 3d? There are various kinds of second games like platform, isometric, sidescrolling, etc., the same costs 3d games. Pay attention to details such as the character faces and animation, tell the reader how you appreciate or despise them. Compliment on the visual effects such as the light of fire or shadows in dungeons.
Music or Sound — While not generally a deciding factor for people to buy games, some people are just fans of the game’s composer from different games and that could possibly interest your readers. Describe the type of music played throughout the game like is it rock, western, ballad, etc. Describe how sound clips assist in playing the game or how it is not helping you survive.
Controls — You can actually combine this with the gameplay category but it won’t hurt to create a special section on what the control system works. In my case, I start with the typical hardware required to play the game like a mouse, joystick or DPad and inquire into how the controls are setup automatically and if the controls are custom. In some games like flash games, I include sound and screen setup under controls.
Replay Value — If you can mention if there are unlockable modalities upon beating the game then this would post a high interest for the reader. For example, on RPG games side missions are very typical aside from defeating the final boss. An RPG that doesn’t have a side quest are usually poor in this category. Castlevania games like Symphony of the Night and Castlevania Order of Ecclesia have very good replay values.

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